Porcelain Tile

When you choose custom porcelain tile for your home, you’re choosing a unique, stunning look that’s certain to set your home aside. Ceramic & Porcelain tiles comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Usually made of clay or porcelain, these tiles are not only beautiful but durable and easy to maintain. Popular for their ease of installation ceramic & porcelain can also give you the look of natural stone, emulating their rugged surface and color variations without the added maintenance. They are also a cost efficient option when compared to natural stone, making them a great option for a budget conscious remodel.

Suitable for flooring, wall applications, shower enclosures, or tub surrounds; some tiles can be impervious to water when used with a grout sealer and are also easy to clean. Unglazed tiles provide a slip resistant surface and is recommended for any installation in “wet” areas, however they can be prone to staining.

Ceramic tiles are also easy to match to any decor in your home and create a unique living space. In addition to making the room look appealing, ceramic tile can decrease allergens, as the tile doesn’t hold allergens like carpet does.

Porcelain tile is fired at extreme temperatures, making them stronger and harder than other ceramic tiles. They are extremely wear-resistant and absorb less water than other ceramic tiles, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the home, especially those regularly exposed to moisture.