Oak Hardwood Floors

Oak hardwood floors have been a flooring standard in American homes for years, particularly in traditional style homes and for good reason. Oak is a very durable wood. It is hard, dense, and naturally resistant to wear-and-tear.

If you’ve seen one oak, don’t think you’ve seen them all. Oak hardwood floors come in red or white varieties, and within each species, there are a range of hues with crisp tones that range in color from grayish-white to yellowish-brown. White oak runs from creamy white to a light brown all the way up to a medium brown. Red oak tends to be reddish brown in color with stronger graining than white oak.

The grain of oak is tight and fluid, adding distinction to the wood without being too flashy. Oak flooring can come in different styles, such as wide plank boards, tongue and groove, and parquet. There are hundreds of finishes & stains available with oak floors, allowing you a unique and custom look to add even more beauty to your home

Real oak hardwood floors do not require much maintenance. All they require is to swept regularly, vacuumed if your vacuum has a bare floor setting, as well as occasionally cleaning it with a wood cleaner.