Close Curtains or Blinds

Closing your curtains and blinds during times of extreme sunlight can add years to the finish of your new floors. Over time exposure to sunlight will cause most solid flooring types to fade or discolor.

Floor Protectors

Support furniture with wide bodies floor protectors. The heavier the furniture the wider the protector that should be used.

Routine Cleaning

This should go without saying! Over time normal foot traffic will cause the a change in the flooring’s appearance and a wear on the finish of hardwood flooring. Vacuum or dust mop on a daily or weekly basis to keep abrasive dirt and grit from scratching the finish. If using a liquid cleaner test in a small area first. Check manufacturers recommendations before using any cleaner on your floor.

Clean Spills Immediately

Blot and clean spills immediately to avoid possible staining of your floor.

Use Caution When Moving Heavy Objects

Never try to slide heavy objects across the floor. Lay a floor protectant such as plywood or masonite over your floor and use a dolly to lift furniture off of your floor while moving the object.