Cherry Hardwood Floors

Cherry hardwood floors are recognized for their dark warm tones and elegance. Cherry hardwood floors are very popular because of the way they matche many types of furniture and other traditional interiors. There are two main types of cherry hardwood floors available on the market  today, American cherry and Brazilian cherry.

American cherry hardwood floors are easy to spot thanks to their orange and light colours. American cherry floors are softwood so unlike traditional hardwood floors like hickory and maple they are not ideal for high traffic areas. American cherry is best suited to areas that experience gentle use.

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are harder and more durable than American cherry, so they have no restrictions on the types of environments that they can be installed in. In fact many industry experts and Brazilian cherry hardwood floor owners would argue that they are one of the toughest and sturdiest hardwood floors in existence.

The beauty of cherry stems from the elegant and executive look that it exudes. It is also easy to maintain as it only needs a broom and a dust mop to clean it up. The dark and rich color of cherry hardwood floors (rich red to reddish brown) is a natural property of the wood, with a special characteristic of its color darkening as it ages due to oxidation.