Remodeling – One Decision At A Time

Finding the right material for your remodeling project can seem daunting. Whether you are doing a bathroom or kitchen, figuring out where to start with all the materials that are available today,is overwhelming at best.

One way to keep the process running smoothly is by making one decision at a time. We all look at magazines and online to get ideas. This usually makes our decisions even harder. We love it all!!

Start by deciding what you want your space fo feel like. Do you want a formal space? Maybe contemporary. Maybe you are more traditional and would like a cozy space with natural materials. What ever you decide, keep to one decision at a time and it will help!

1. Decide on your cabinetry style and finish.
2. Choose your countertop
3. Choose your flooring and wall tile.

Once you have chosen your finish, get a sample. Take that with you to choose your countertops. Then when it comes to the flooring and walls, take both samples with you. You’ll be amazed at how things fall together for you!

Don’t forget, second-guessing yourself is always part of the process. After-all, the decisions you make now you will have to live with for a long time. You can count on every one from your mother-in-law to your babysitter to have an opinion, remember to trust your instincts. You know what you like more than you know!

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