5 DIY Projects You Can Complete Before The Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching and you are thinking about entertaining. We would all like to host a holiday dinner that is the envy of friends and family. With some simple DIY projects you can update your home and give them something, they are sure to talk about beyond the dinner table.

Replacing Your Backsplash

One of the simplest ways to make a dramatic impact on the way your kitchen looks is to give it a fresh new backsplash. Using glass mosaics or blends will give your kitchen a modern feel, perfect for highlighting stainless steel appliances. While natural stones such as marble, travertine, and slate can give the kitchen a timeless and classic look. Today’s kitchens are trending to a clean look with simple design using neutral colors such as grays, whites, and tans that go with any décor in your home. If you want to update your kitchen’s look without breaking the bank, look into the new porcelain tiles flooding the market. With new printing technologies, these tiles can give you the look of stone or even hardwood for a fraction of the price.

Update Cabinets

Updating cabinets can be an easy fix by changing out hardware or a little more complicated by painting or refinishing. Switching to modern hardware that matches other design elements in the home can give new life to your kitchen. For a more drastic change, you can paint your existing cabinets in just one weekend. Less than $100 will buy all the supplies you need to transform your cabinets from drab to fabulous. It is recommended by most to use latex primer and paint but I would recommend looking into Cabinet Transformations by Rustoleum. Most people seem to be very happy with their results and can speed up the process by using a proven method.

Install New Faucets

In the matter of a few hours, you can replace that old faucet that has been driving you crazy since purchasing those new appliances. A modern faucet will bring everything in the room together whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom. At some point, everyone will have to use it to wash his or her hands, why not make make your sink standout? Faucets from the leading manufacturers such as Delta, Kohler, and Moen are sold with homeowner installation in mind; however if you are not comfortable doing plumbing on your own, a faucet change is a simple task for a professional that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

It’s Amazing What A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Do

For $50 or so and one day’s effort you can turn any room in the house into the focal point of the house. Ask any interior designer where to start when changing a room’s look and they all will say it starts with the colors you choose to work with. Colors can play on our emotions, for example, neutral and cool colors tend to be soothing; while vibrant reds and yellows are associated with being energetic. If your family is anything like mine you will lean towards soothing colors even if it is not your personal taste. The great thing about paint is you can change it again just as easily after the relatives have left.

See The Light

It does not matter what projects you take on before the holidays if no one can see them. Bad lighting can affect your mood and distort everything from your walls to fixtures, making a room uninviting. Be sure to choose the appropriate style and wattage depending on the location of your new lights. Track lighting and Pendant lighting has become popular over the last several years due to flexible and forgivable installation. This lighting can be adjusted as needed to eliminate shadows, glare, and brightness, and can work in just about any room of the house.


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  1. Rahman says:

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